There are four parks in our neighborhood.  Our parks are PRIVATE parks for the sole use of property owners and their guests. A property owner must be present at all times while hosting a get together. 

The POA maintains the grounds and facilities at each of our community parks.  We want you to have a safe place to take your family for picnics, fishing or birthday parties. The community needs your help to preserve our parks by following the Park Rules.

 Park Rules

  1. Parks and adjoining lakes are private and are not for public use – a property owner must be present at all times.
  2. Reservations required for parties of more than 10 or for dedicated park use reservations take precedence over casual use. Member’s POA account must be in good standing to reserve parks.   (Parks reservation form)
  3. Security deposit required to cover cleanup costs for reserved parties. Deposit returned if park premises are deemed acceptable after use (trash removed, tables returned to proper configuration, no damage to structures, etc.).
  4. Please collect and remove your trash. Bring your own trash bags. 
  5. No ground fires. BBQ pits allowed (coals must not remain on premises).
  6. Camping allowed only in designated areas / no other occupancy after dark.
  7. No littering / no glass containers / no loud music (no more than 90 decibels at 100 ft).
  8. Illegal drugs, firearms and fireworks strictly prohibited.
  9. Persons under 18 years of age must be chaperoned by adult at all times.
  10. No vehicle racing / stay off private properties surrounding park.
  11. POA not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal property.
  12. Use of all parks, adjoining lakes and creeks at your own risk.

Anyone damaging facilities or violating these park rules will be prosecuted. Report misconduct, trespassing, or suspicious activity to local sheriff at: (936) 760-5871. Emergencies: dial 911.

Big Buck Park - 21286 Big Buck Dr. thumbnail
Peach Creek Park - 2000 White Buck Ct. thumbnail
 Grant Lake Park - 4231 N Duck Creek Rd. thumbnail
Big Buck Park - 21286 Big Buck Dr.
Peach Creek Park - 2000 White Buck Ct.
Grant Lake Park - 4231 N Duck Creek Rd.