Community Rules for Peach Creek Plantation

With the formation of the Peach Creek Plantation (PCP) Property Owners Association (POA) and the Architectural Control Committee (ACC), it is our legal obligation to ensure that each Property Owner in our community adheres to the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (Covenants) received by each property owner at the purchase of their property. We are all bound by law to conform to these Covenants.

We believe that property owners would not knowingly violate our Covenants as PCP strives to protect our property values and to be a beautiful and safe place in which to live, raise our children and enjoy our neighbors.

  • Homes must be minimum 1,500 sq. ft. with enclosed 2-car garage (approved by ACC prior to construction).
  • All residences and improvements must be well maintained, kept in good repair and painted when necessary to preserve their attractiveness (colors and materials governed by ACC).
  • All fences on lots must be kept in good condition and all road frontage fences must be constructed of wood, vinyl, wrought iron or masonry (approved by ACC prior to construction).
  • Storage tanks (propane, butane, natural gas) must be placed 25' behind front line of residence and reasonably screened from street view by building, lattice work or shrubbery.
  • No business, professional, commercial or manufacturing use of any lot. A lot owner may use the property for home occupation so long as there is no external evidence of a business.
  • No signs, billboards, posters or advertising devices shall be permitted without prior written consent of the ACC (realtor, for sale or rent signs advertising the particular lot on which it is situated are excluded).
  • County leash laws apply. Maximum of 5 dogs, cats or household pets per lot (non-business purpose). One horse per acre. No hogs.
  • Storage of RVs or boats must not be visible from street.
  • No junk vehicles of any kind may be kept on any lot.
  • No noxious or offensive activity is allowed on any lot which might become a nuisance to property owners.
  • No trash or offensive material accumulation or dumping on any lot.

This is only a condensed list of some of the requirements of our Covenants. Please review the full covenants for your section by navigating to our Documents section. Unfortunately, any Violation which goes untended (after a formal notification letter has been mailed to the Property Owner) and has not been addressed with the PCP POA / ACC, must be sent to our attorneys for legal action , the cost of which will be the obligation of the Property Owner.

If your property or improvements are not in compliance with our Covenants, please contact the PCP POA / ACC at the address below to discuss how you can become compliant before such action is taken.

Peach Creek Plantation
c/o Goodwin & Company
28420 Hardy Toll Rd, Suite 210
Spring, TX 77373

Telephone: 281-852-1155


*For any conflict in information between these Rules and the Covenants or Bylaws, the Covenants and Bylaws are the governing documents.