Architectural Control Committee

All improvements must be submitted to the ACC  and approval received PRIOR to initiating any work.  

See the below list of items along with site plan and supporting documents

The ACC considers compatibility with the overall character and aesthetics of the Subdivision as part of the process. If considering a non-conventional home design or doubt exists about approvability, please contact the ACC in the design stage of your  home / improvement. In short, homes needs to contain multiple exterior design features that help make them look a home.

All exterior modifications or improvements should be approved through the community association’s architectural control process. Please log in to TownSq and venture over to the Architectural Review Tab and select Submit Project. For owners that do not utilize TownSq please send your submissions to

For any questions, please contact 281-706-8959

For structures please include the following along with the ACC improvement Request Form

  1. All 4 elevation views.
  2. Floor-Plans or each floor for homes & other structures showing measurements or sq footage.
  3. Site Plan - To scale drawing of improvement on sketch or copy of lot survey. Show measurements to all property lines. Show placement of existing structures like a home. If the lot contains any floodplain make sure to note its location.  (Article III Sec 9)
  4. Exterior Colors examples / images (siding / trim / stone / roof / etc...)
  5. Development (Building) Permit & Septic Permits for homes / structures  (If the permits have been issued include otherwise provide the ACC with a copy of the permits before construction begins)  Montgomery County issues combined permit.  San Jacinto County (Estates) issues separate permits. 
  6. Form Board Survey.  ( For homes within 10ft of a build line a form board survey will be requested to insure final placement meets build line requirements )
  7. For fences a sketch or representative photo of the requested design along with materials to be used.  (***See additional info below for fences ***)